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    Populations Treated:  Our dermatologists and physician assistants are trained to diagnose skin conditions for the full age spectrum from newborns to the geriatric population.  We provide services to all skin types and to people of all ethnic backgrounds with all considerations for cultural diversity.  Skin of different populations is not all the same and neither are the conditions or treatments the same; knowledge and experience with diverse skin types and skin diseases is critical to proper diagnosis and treatment for your particular skin condition.

    Conditions Treated:  Both of our physicians have histories as academicians responsible for teaching the students and residents who have gone on to become many of Upstate and Western New York's dermatologists.  We are familiar with all diseases of the skin and how the patient's underlying conditions and medications will affect both the presentation of a skin disease and management of that disease.  We are also familiar with the range of treatment options from topical to systemics, from older methods to the newest biologics.  Because of this, we are a one-stop shop for diagnosing and treating your skin condition; we typically only need to refer out when care outside of dermatology is required.

    Skin Screening:  We provide full skin exams for those patients who are interested in being screened for skin cancer, who are curious about their skin and any lesions they may have, or who just want to be educated as to what to look for when examining their own skin or those of loved ones.  We take special pride in educating our patients--this is evident by the informational pages that can be accessed through the home page and by the time we take with our patients. 

    Procedural Dermatology:  We provide the full range of dermatology procedures, from a simple biopsy to advanced surgical techniques such as Mohs micrographic surgery (one of only a handful of practices that provide this service in Western New York).  Because we do everything, we are not restricted to favoring one procedure over another and we are able to offer a perspective allowing the optimum treatment tailored to your needs.  We also place particular importance on providing the best diagnostic care for our patients which includes our requirement that all of our biopsy and surgical specimens be evaluated by dermatopathologists, the experts in examining microscopically tissues of the skin.


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