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What is Lupus and How Does It Affect Skin
... Lupus Symptoms Those with lupus may experience some or all of these symptoms: Muscle aches and pains Joint pain and swelling Skin rashes, most commonly found on the face Fever Chest pain when breathing deeply Loss of hair Pale fingers and toes Sun sensitivity Mouth sores Extreme fatigue Leg or eye swelling Swollen glands These symptoms may not be present all the time...

What is Psoriasis?
... Both the appearance of these symptoms and the level of their severity can be triggered through a number of factors, including: Skin infections Skin injuries Heavy stress Regular tobacco use Excessive alcohol consumption Use of specific medications, such as lithium, beta blockers, antimalarial drugs, and iodides Treatment Options Although there is no cure for the disorder, your local dermatologist has a number of treatment methods that can slow down the growth of skin cells responsible for psoriasis’ uncomfortable rashes...

What is a Dermatologist?
...They treat everything from minor skin rashes, like hives, to chronic skin diseases, such as eczema or psoriasis...

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