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    We have introduced the HydraFacialMD to our list of services performed in the office recently and it is a
    really welcomed addition to help you achieve the skin you love. What is a HydraFacial and what makes
    it special? It is a medical grade facial with three unique steps involved in cleansing and hydrating the
    skin and in brief those steps are as follows:
    1. Cleanse and Peel-in which a new layer of skin is uncovered with patented
    technology causing gentle, yet effective exfoliation and resurfacing.

    2. Extraction and Hydration- strong, yet gentle suction removes oil and debris from
    the pores all the while infusing hydration deep into the skin. This level of cleansing
    and hydration cannot be achieved with a traditional facial.

    3. Fuse and Protect-With the unique technology of the patented handpiece the
    surface of the skin is moisturized further and then infused with antioxidants and
    peptides to make the skin glow and to protect it from the elements.
    The bonus of having the HydraFacial completed in the doctor’s office is that we can offer additional
    products as an adjunct to the procedure and other products to go along with the facial that can only be
    obtained from a physician, achieving greater results for specific concerns such as antiaging, rosacea and
    acne. Our HydraFacials are reasonably priced and with a call to the office, we can review the pricing
    with you.




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