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    Laser Hair Removal With LightSheer


    Many people are bothered by excessive hair or coarse hair in an undesirable location. There are many
    means to achieve hair removal including waxing, sugaring, shaving, electrolysis, chemical depilatory
    creams, and older laser hair removal devices. Many of these options were painful, messy, inconvenient,
    short lived and could cause additional problems on the skin. Also, traditional laser hair removal took a
    long time, was painful and much riskier in terms of side effects, especially in skin of color.
    The benefit of this newer laser technology available in the LightSheer laser hair removal system is the
    ability to treat much larger areas in a very short period with a much more comfortable hand piece. The
    bonus of this laser hair removal device is the safety, especially because you can use it in a wider variety
    of skin types than older laser hair removal lasers. Ask our dermatologists if you would be a good
    candidate for treatment with LightSheer.



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